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5 Super Easy Organizing Hacks That Are Actually Doable

1. Make every earring pair easy to spot by sorting them into an ice cube tray.

If you don’t have trays already, they’re incredibly cheap at almost every supermarket.

2. Line your builder-grade wire shelves with foam board so everything on the shelves stays where you put it.
Those little gaps between the wires can make small things you store tip over so easily. Cutting a few pieces of foam board to fit instantly fixes that problem (whether or not you choose to cover them with colorful contact paper). Granted, this might take an afternoon. But then you’ll have stable shelves ~forever~.

3. Try dividing up your ~productivity time~ with a task management app.
Apps like Sloth can help you stay on top of everything you need to get done — and can help prevent your work time from eating into your leisure time.

4. Turn a basket and clean aluminum cans into a sorted organizer for your kitchen or bathroom.
Or anywhere else you have too much clutter lying around.

5. Hang up that power strip that’s under your desk.

Most power strips have small holes in the back to make this easy. Removable hooks make it easy to stash your cord clutter out of sight.

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