• A box of 2 colors of play dough, 50 gms each. Cutter not included in box.

    Play dough is a great resource for parents and teachers to bond with the children while playing and communicating with each other. The activities you could do with play dough are unlimited, so let your imagination go wild.

    Busy Li’l Hands makes soft,colorful, fruity smelling play dough with all edible ingredients so you don”t have to worry about those little fingers. As a parent or teacher, it is important to remember that every child develops differently and many factors influence the development of skills.

    A mother is a child’s first and most important teacher. Your child’s best learning happens when he or she is spending time with you doing activities that are fun and interesting. This is called play based learning.Studies show that during playtime, children are most receptive to new information and skills. Through play you can stimulate your child to learn, problem-solve, communicate, negotiate, role play and make decisions – skills that help your child become a successful learner.