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Bohemian Crunch 2016

Bohemian Crunch, much like the other craft shows hosted by the Crafter’s Guild has one mantra, Happiness is Handmade.

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Bohemian Crunch, held April 3rd was another flair of color, creativity and crafts. The event played role of a stepping stone for budding newbies and fellow crafters looking to be inducted into the craft community. The event was held at Royal Rodale and raked a footfall of approximately 3000 visitors throughout the day. Across eight hours, the halls were abuzz with fans and followers swooning over their favorite crafts.
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The variety on display included sugar craft by local bakers and dessert makers; it also included a range of artisan beauty products such as herbal skin

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The crafts diversified into home décor items done in decoupage, stained glass, wood craft, and even traditional truck art. There was also a mix of quirky gifts and lifestyle products, some done with resin, others completely recycled. Traditional crafts from the rural side were also present including pottery brought in from Nawabshah’s surrounding areas and block prints by SABAH Pakistan. Paintings and Mixed Media by fellow artists were also popular genres of work on display at the show.
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Supporting partners like and Sheops contributed to the show by engaging vendors from their online platforms. Bohemian, because it was home to 70% new participants, incentivized the entire show process.
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The Indie Art and Craft Show being held 17th July aims to scale up the craft fair spirit. This year, the collaborations with supporting partners like Commune Artist Colony, KITE and Co Pakistan aim to offer more to the participants on board in terms of mentoring, training and overall growth. Other supporting partners include, Tryst Salon and Spa, Sheops,, and Dasktari.Pk. A training workshop is being held 2nd July to assist participants in scaling up their businesses and refining their current role in the market. Guest speakers currently in the lineup include Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, Maliha Rao, Hamza Awan and Afaque Ahmed. The panel will shed light and motivation on different aspect of running an enterprise, including passion, business development and market positioning, social media and content, as well as entrepreneurship as a whole. This dedicated mentoring and assistance throughout the show preparations adds value to the entire event. It helps build confidence and keeps participants motivated toward their goals.
Here’s a look at the last show:
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Come celebrate Happiness is Handmade with the craft community. Drop by between 12 and 8 pm at the Royal Rodale Club on Sunday, 17th July. For more details please visit the event page here.