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Artsy DIY Diaries: Mason Jar Candle

Candles are a beautiful addition to your home. They can add warmth and charm to any room. Making your own candles can be a very fun hobby, you can experiment with different colors and scents.

Container candles are the easiest to make, you can choose from a variety of jars as the container for your candles. Our pick would be a classic mason jar.


Supplies needed:

Candle Wick
Masking Tape

Begin by heating up the wax in a pot. Pour a small layer into the base of a jar and place a piece of candle wick into the center of the jar. Hold this in place until the wax is dry enough to where the the wick stays in place. Next, make an X with the tape over the top of the jar, poke a hole through the top and pull the wick through. Fill up the jar with melted wax till the desired height. After the wax is completely solid, cut the wick so that it’s 1/2 inch tall.

Light + enjoy your new candles!


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