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23 Favourites from The Artsy Pakistani

Artsy is channeling the Artsy Pakistani this Resolution day by bringing you a mix of items crafted/created exclusively in Pakistan and representing Pakistan in uniquely different ways. And what’s even better than that?

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Artsy has announced FREE Delivery all over Pakistan as their Resolution this Pakistan Day. Isn’t that just awesome?

To help you shop better we have compiled a list of 23 of our favourite items from The Artsy Pakistani collection just for you. So shop on!

1. The Pakistani Chai NotebookThe Pakistani Chai NotebookCan’t start your morning without your favourite cup of tea? Love having cups of chai throughout the day?
Then this is the perfect accessory to your stash!

2. Map of Pakistan Notebook17What better way to shout Proud Pakistani than this hand doodled map of Pakistan!

3. Truck Art BoxTruck Art BoxA unique addition to your personal belongings, perfect as a trinket/jewellery box to hold all your treasured possessions in.

4. Hand Painted Truck


A must-have collector’s item! Don’t miss out on this exclusive hand painted model Truck. The sweet piece of art comes in a detailed hand painting in green and black along with tiny tassels.

5. Pakistani Rickshaw


Some call it auto. Some call it phat-phatiyay. We call it rickshaw!
Appreciate the little things of Pakistani culture and add this amazing model of rickshaw to your desk or home decor.

6. Handbag – Digital Printed1Are you itchy feet?
Then fuel your wanderlust with this travel inspired digital print bag. Grab your arm candy and hit the streets arm swinging!

7. Billo & Jutt6A perfect piece of desi lollywood inspired art frame for your Billo or Your Jutt! Add a little punjabi jhatka to your vanilla mohabbat!

8. Chand Sitara Pendant1Revel in the colors of our flag. Wear this Chand Sitara pendant to claim your Pakistani identity!

9. Chand Sitara Ring4aWear the emblem of Pakistani pride and accessorize your self the Pakistani way!

10. Truck Art Lantern7Bring light in with this chic and exquisite hand painted truck art lantern.
Safe and easy to place anywhere you want to bring some coziness and mood lighting into your home.

11. Truck Art Bowl


Nothing beautiful for your dining room decor than this truck art painted bowl.Grab this beauty and bring desi chicness to your home.

12. Hand Painted Truck Art Tea Set47This will the belle of your tea party! A stunning show piece of artisan-ship. Get yours today at Artsy and see the ladies eyeing it in envy!

13. Truck Art Kettle and MugBundle 7One of our must-have collector’s item! Get this decorative kettle and mug hand painted with truck art designs. A perfect gift for all your walliati friends.
So get your brew on!

14. Truck Art Chainak5aA piece of cultural art.
A chainak is not only a symbol for all desi chai lovers but also a part of our Pakistani heritage. Get yours today at Artsy!

15. Gota Earrings – Green and LimeGota EarringsPerfect for desi festivities and spring carnivals! Adorn these amazingly colorful and bright earring handmade with gota and pretty flower details.

16. Gota Tika – Snow WhiteGota TikkaRock this artistic piece of pure delicious desiness! Its an intricately crafted headpiece with detailed design and colors.

17. Kolachi – Hanging Lamp5Bring light to your home with ‘Kolachi’, an intricately crafted hanging lamp. It comes with beautiful graphic graffiti lamp shade with tassels embellishments.

18. Chenak Keychain19Celebrate your love affair with doodh patti. The perfect accessory for a chai enthusiast!

19. Wooden Coasters2Since we so love the Paki green, how about that love being reflected on the coffee table as well in the form of these beautiful handcrafted coasters.

20. Rilli iPad Protective Sleeve3Tired of the boring common iPad sleeves available in the market? Fikar not, Artsy has just the alternative for you, it’s desi, it’s handcrafted, and it’s a beauty.

21. Hand Painted Vase5Bring some paki colour to your decor with this one of a kind hand crafted vase.

22. Rilli Cushion2This handcrafted cushion is sure to add panache to any living space.

23. Hand Crafted Truck Art Mobile Cover15Don’t we all bleed green?
Now you can complete your look with this fabulous pieces of art and also show your true green heart!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab these ASAP.
P.S. Remember the free cash on delivery offer all through Pakistan 😉

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  1. Sharmeen Alam says:

    Guys, It’d do a great deal of good to the customer if you’d put a link with the products. Cool list though 🙂

    1. Admin says:

      If you click on the picture, or the name of the product, they both lead you to the link 🙂

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