About Us | Artsy

Your Privilege is Our Privilege

Artsy is an online store dedicated to highlighting the efforts and makings of any Pakistani artisan. We are very proud to be a platform where artisans, entrepreneurs, and crafters from all over Pakistan can showcase their work and abilities. Artsy is a platform aiming to empower artisans of Pakistan. We set out to provide a holistic artistic experience to the consumer by harnessing the talent of Pakistani artists and artisans. Our company values everybody’s creative process, be it from every talented Pakistani artisan, a young child playing with his paints or a corporate suit doodling at his work desk to even the creative freedom we provide our employees.

Your Passion is Our Passion

We are art enthusiasts who want to provide equal opportunity to other artisans, designers, artists, art vendors and craftsmen and women alike. Art has a long history in Pakistan, from Arabic calligraphy to terra cotta pottery; it has a strong presence in the way we dress to the way we live. We have set out to contribute to the novelty of Pakistani art and give small ventures and home-bound sellers the opportunity to grow into big businesses and brands. We want to preserve the integrity of Pakistani Art and give identity to upcoming passion projects, young entrepreneurs, and rural art communities the platform to exhibit their talents and skills. We want to revolutionize artistry and empower all skilled people, be it the Pakistani prisoners working in jail or deaf people creating art for their livelihoods. We want to help people in standing up on their feet and earn through their art and art alone.

Your Commitment is Our Commitment

We are a company of young and passionate individuals who commit cent percent to bring you the very best. What we lack in years of experience we make up with speed, creativity, and agility of a fresh new start-up. We are innovative and always hungry for new ideas. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the artistic community and the consumers of art. We are passionate about Art and so should be you!